Images of Spain:

(  a country on the Iberian Peninsula sharing land borders 
with Portugal, Gibraltar & France
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Photos of the wildlife of Spain

  Images of the birds of Spain              
  Images of the animals of Spain              
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Birds in Spain
Caged Birds in Spain
Boats - Costa del Sol
Fishing Boats - Costa del Sol
Wooden Boats - Costa del Sol
Campo Spain
Costa del Sol
Costa del Sol in Winter
Cattle in Spain, cows and bulls
Churches in Spain
Bamboo grows wild in Spain (and sometimes it litters the beaches in winter)
Derelict Properties / Ruins
More Derelict Properties / Ruins
Fun on the Beach - Costa del Sol
Feria / Fiesta time in Spain
Fishing Boats - Costa del Sol
Fishermen at work
Flags in Spain
Flowers in Spain
Food in Spain
Goats in Spain
Golf Courses on the Costa del Sol
More Golf Course images
Grapes in Spain
Guardia Civil (Civil Guard)
Horses in Spain
Homelessness in Spain
Lookie Lookie men / Looky Looky men
Modern Properties (Houses / Villas etc) in Spain
Modern Properties (Houses / Villas etc) still under constrution
Motorway N340 /A7
Osborne Bulls
Properties (Houses / Villas etc) in Spain
Ponies in Spain
Ruins/Derelict Properties / Ruins
More Ruins in Spain
Sardines cooking on the Beach
Shepherds & Sheep in Spain
Spanish Countryside
Spanish Sunsets
Spanish Trains
Spanish Police
Guardia Civil (Civil Guard)
Traditional Spanish Costumes
Trees in Spain (both native and introduced species)
Vineyards / Vines  / Grapes /
Wild Flowers in Spain
Wooden Boats - Costa del Sol

Alhaurin el Grande (Málaga Province - Andalucia)

Almond Trees in Blossom in Early February

Men Selling Oranges at the Side Of The Road

The Water Tower

Los Morenos Restaurant / Venta

Pine Woods between Alhaurin El Grande and Mijas

More Scenes from Alhaurin el Grande


Álora (Málaga Province - Andalucia)

Man riding Horse into Alora

Olive Groves
The 'Nuestra Senora de Flores' Convent
More Scenes from Alora

Ardales Nature Park  (Málaga Province - Andalucia)

El Conde de Guadalhorce Reservoir


Benalmádena  (Málaga Province - Andalucia)

Benalmádena - Puerto Deportivo

Boats & Marina-Side Restaurants

Typical Modern Housing Development (houses & villas)
on the edge of open countryside - Torrequebrada

Typical Modern Spanish Villas - Torrequebrada

More Scenes from Benalmadena

Benajarafe -  west of Torre del Mar  ( Málaga Province) 

Cabbages growing in field, Osborne Bull in background

More Osborne Bulls

More Scenes from Benajarafe


Calahonda (Málaga Province - Andalucia)


Coin (Málaga Province - Andalucia)

Hermitage - Ermita de Nuestra Senora de la Fuensanta


Caleta de Velez (Málaga Province - Andalucia)

Bulls kept for pulling ox carts

Typical rural vista and villa


El Chorro George (Málaga Province - Andalucia)

El Chorro Gorge - and the Desfiladero de Los Gaitanes nature park – Andalucia


Fuengirola, Torreblanca, Carvajal & Los Boliches
 (Málaga Province - Andalucia)

Beehives in the hills around Fuengirola

Christmas / Yule Illuminations from Fuengirola

Typical Modern Costa del Sol Villas and Houses - Developments

Castillo de Sohail - Sohail Castle ,
the suspension footbridge
and the adjacent

Playa del Castillo -
Castle Beach

Bikini Beach Chiringuito - Playa de Castillo - Castle Beach

Holiday Hell - 
Building materials litter the beach as yet another hotel is built.

More fun on the beach at Carvajal

Fishermen - Puerto Deportivo de Fuengirola

Hills above Fuengirola (between Fuengirola & Mijas Pueblo)

Plaza de la Constitución (Church Square)

Plaza de la Constitucion (Church Square) Christmas / Yule Illuminations

La Iglesia del Rosario (The Church of the Rosary)

La Romería - Fuengirola

Fuengirola Feria - Feria de la Virgen del Rosario

Fuengirola Feria - Feria de la Virgen del Rosario Church Service

Fuengirola mosque

More Fuengirola Feria Pictures

Small Boys swinging Censer with Incense

More images of the Fuengirola Feria

Puerto Deportivo de Fuengirola (The Marina or Pleasure Port)

Puerto Deportivo de Fuengirola (Spanish Fishermen)

Motor Boats, Sailing Boats and Yachts


Carvajal - Fuengirola - Summer Fun on the Beach

Carvajal - Fuengirola - Palm Trees on the Beach

Carvajal - Fuengirola - Gulls on the Beach & Sunset

Carvajal - Fuengirola - Old Wooden Fishing Boats on the Beach

Los Boliches

Virgin of Carmen Parish Church / Parroquia virgen del Carmen,
Plaza del Carmen, Los Boliches

Fisherman's Statue - Plaza del Carmen, Los Boliches

Cost Del Sol In Winter - Los Boliches - New Year's Day 2004

Osborne Bull - Torreblanca

More Osborne Bulls

Countryside / Hill inland of Fuengirola


Malaga City (Málaga Province - Andalucia)

Malaga City - more images

Malaga Skyline

Malaga's Moorish Castle / La Alcazaba

Malaga's Roman Theatre

Malaga Skyline viewed through Moorish arch

Malaga Bullring

Malaga Cathedral

Malaga University Building (   campus)

Malaga Townhall / Town Hall / City Hall

Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens (next to the Townhall)

Malaga Port

Malaga Lighthouse (the one by the port)

Cenachero fish seller statue - Malaga City

Flower Stall - Alameda - Malaga City

Horse drawn carriages wait outside the cathedral
to take tourists and lovers through the city streets

Pavement Cafes in the Historic Quarter of Malaga

Malaga International Airport - Aeroplanes on the apron

Marbella (Málaga Province - Andalucia)

Puerto Deportivo de Marbella (The Marina or Pleasure Port)

Divers, diving gear and boat
Marbella Lighthouse - El Faro de Marbella
Restaurante La Pesquera del Faro (The Lighthouse Fishery Restaurant)

Mijas (Málaga Province - Andalucia)

Mijas Pueblo - a typical Andalucian "white town"

Beehives in the hills around Mijas

Donkey (Burro) Taxis - Mijas Pueblo

Horse / Pony drawn Carriage rides - Mijas Pueblo

Street scenes - Mijas Pueblo

Plaza de la Constitucion - Mijas Pueblo

Pavement Cafes in Mijas Pueblo

Bullring or Bull Ring (Plaza de Toros) - Mijas Pueblo

Handicrafts in Mijas Pueblo

Craft / Souvenir / Gift Shop - Mijas Pueblo

Rag doll for sale outside Craft / Souvenir / Gift Shop - Mijas Pueblo

Wooden bicycle for sale outside Craft / Souvenir / Gift Shop - Mijas Pueblo

Parroquia de la Inmaculada Concepcion - Mijas Pueblo

Church of the Immaculate Conception - Mijas Pueblo

Iglesia de San Sebastián - Mijas Pueblo

Church of Saint Sebastian - Mijas Pueblo

Sanctuary / Hermitage of the Virgin of the Rock
(El Santuario de la Virgen de la Peña)

Bell set in the rustic stone tower of the
Sanctuary / Hermitage of the Virgin of the Rock

Sanctuary / Hermitage / Ermita del Calvario - Mijas Pueblo

Municipal Auditorium - Mijas Pueblo

Fountains of Mijas Pueblo

Moorish fountains and pools - Mijas Pueblo

Pigeon on Street Lamp - Mijas Pueblo

Old man leaning over railings outside Hogar del Jubilado Virgen de la Peña

Vistas - Mijas Pueblo

Typical Andalucian  Red Roof and White Chimney - Mijas Pueblo

Woman wearing scarf, looking through telescope

More Images of Mijas Pueblo

Pine Woods between Mijas and Alhaurin El Grande

An old Spanish Cottage Garden
with bougainvillea and hibiscus in flower.

An old Spanish Cottage Garden
with Wigandia Caracasana in flower.

Cleaning Patio with a Pressure Hose
at an old Spanish Cottage.

Gardening - Using Sectaries and a Long Handled Pruner

Prickly Pear Cactus growing
in an old Spanish Cottage Garden

Seville Oranges growing in an Old Cottage Garden

Orange Blossom (Citrus sinensis )

Mimosa Tree - Golden Wattle (Acacia saligna) in flower

Mimosa Tree - Silver Wattle (Acacia dealbata) in flower

Lichen Covered Tree Stump
in an old Spanish Cottage Garden

Apricot Trees (praecoquum) in Blossom - Feb. 2004

Slug on a Lichen Covered Tree Stump
in an old Spanish Cottage Garden

Countryside Around Mijas

Countryside Around Mijas - An Old Ruin

La Cala de Mijas (Mijas Costa)

Christmas / Yule Illuminations from La Cala

Small Dog on La Cala beach

Children building Wigwam / Tepee on La Cala Beach

Parasols at Dusk La Cala beach

Sunbeds at Sunset - La Cala Beach

Harley Davidson motorcycles at La Cala
(including some unusual colour special effects)

Christmas / Yule / Yuletide Illuminations - La Cala

More shots of La Cala de Mijas (Mijas Costa)

Ojen  (Málaga Province - Andalucia)

Ojen nestles into its hilly surrounds

Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga Province - Andalucia)

Beach Scenes from Rincon de la Victoria

More Scenes from Rincon de la Victoria

Puerto Banus   (Málaga Province - Andalucia)

Playground of the Rich - Boats, Cars, Shops & Faces

Christmas / Yule Illuminations from Puerto Banus

African Drums and other  craft items for sale on a Puerto Banus Stall
Ice Skating at Puerto Banus (including some unusual colour special effects)

More Scenes from Puerto Banus

Ronda  (Málaga Province - Andalucia)
Snow on the Mountains  - Las Serranías de Ronda
Snow on the Mountains  - Sierra de Nieves (Snow Mountain)
A Mountain Stream cascades through a stone culvert covered with snow
Palm Tree fond with  Snow on the Mountain in the background

Puerto de la Duquesa  (Málaga Province - Andalucia)

Possibly the Costa del Sol's best kept secret.


Sedella (Axarquia region - Málaga Province - Andalucia)


Torcal (Málaga Province - Andalucia)

El Torcal De Antequera Nature Park


Torre del Mar  (Málaga Province - Andalucia)

Rock formations and caves west of Torre del Mar



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